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Learn How to Compose Your Smartphone Photos Like a Pro

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As a photographer, figuring out how to compose your photo is one of the most important skills to master.

If you are just starting out in photography, it’s also one of the easiest things to overlook.

How you frame your subject and compose your shot will often be the difference in how memorable and interesting your photo is.

Do you ever see something that we want a picture of and end up taking 15 images of the exact same thing, from the exact same spot? You aren't alone.

Believe it or not, simple changes can completely change an image.

For example, try moving a few feet to the right or to the left of your subject. You can also try to get higher and and lower.

Making small changes to the composition of your photo can give you a series of unique and interesting images of the same subject, instead of a bunch that look almost identical.

Changing your perspective can also help eliminate distracting background elements, like cars and other people. It’s important to pay attention to the whole scene. Nothing ruins a portrait faster than a lamp post or street sign coming out of the top of your subject's head! A few steps to the right or left, or getting a little higher or lower, is all you have to do to get rid of distracting background elements.

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