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Missy Timko Photography Studio Location & Directions

The Address

Missy Timko Photography is located in uptown Mt. Lebanon at Cedar & Florida:

20 Cedar Blvd, Suite 208

Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Our suite is just inside the front door and has a level entry.


  • There is metered parking all along Cedar Blvd. and neighboring streets that tends to have available parking within one block or so on your typical day. Cost is $1/hour using quarters or the "Passport" parking app;
  • There is also a parking garage one block to the east at Cedar Blvd. and Washington Rd.;
  • Lastly, there is a 15-minute loading zone in front of the main entrance for pickups or shorter meetings.

Please note: We have a parking space in the Cedar Blvd. private lot that is available for families that are coming with babies and children. Please let us know when you are bringing your little ones, and we will make sure this space is open for you!

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The Studio

Missy Timko studio is a full suite with a private kitchen and bath. In our shooting space we have a 10' backdrop with three studio strobes plus reflectors. The sitting area is suitable for shooting lifestyle portraits.

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Our office and display room is where we will view your portraits and design custom wall art & products for you.

A large portion of the studio is a dedicated space for hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling.

© 2019 Missy Timko Photography www.missytimko.com

Directions are here: 20 Cedar Blvd.

Curious how we got here? Construction happened in the fall of 2018. Check out a behind-the-scenes view of the construction process on my Instagram highlights.

© 2019 Missy Timko Photography www.missytimko.com

© 2019 Missy Timko Photography www.missytimko.com

© 2019 Missy Timko Photography www.missytimko.com


Looking to grab a bite to eat before or after your session? I recommend the following, all within 2 blocks of the studio:

Get in touch to schedule a meeting at the studio:

Missy Timko Photography | info@missytimko.com | 412-559-3889