Want To Highlight Your Personal Brand? A Professional Headshot Is Essential

When a prospective client or employer types your name into Google, one of the first results they will see is a picture of your face. Like it or not, there is a lot of truth to the importance of first impressions.

Sure, it's easy enough to take a selfie with your iPhone or stage an impromptu photo shoot in the break room with some friends, but what does that image really convey?

You can spend hours (which bleed into days) writing and revising your resume or project proposal. You pour over the most minute details, leaving no stone unturned. All the while your lasting image to the world is a photo backlit by the glow of a vending machine?

Hopefully you can see what is wrong with this picture (literally).

Taking this one step further, think about a prospect comparing you to your competition. Let's say that all other factors are essentially equal, who do you think the person making the decisions will have a higher opinion of? You, with the Pepsi machine aura, or your competitor with the professional headshot?

Quite frankly, professional headshots are not for everyone. However, the online/visual society that we live in has made it such that our profile pic/avatar/etc. is the imprint that is left upon us once we interact online.

Think about the last time you were on Facebook and someone posted a status update about some minor upgrade they made to their life. You probably didn't even notice, right?

Now think about when someone updates their profile picture with something high quality and professional. The reaction from that update (on any social media platform) will typically dwarf anything else that person can produce.

Very few interactions in modern society happen in a face-to-face setting, so the majority of the time a picture of our face is what we use to communicate with other people. When you consider this reality, you can begin to understand why your headshot is a key element in how you communicate with the world.

Your headshot allows you to put a face with your name. If you are of significance in your field, people will know about your business and/or your accomplishments. With a professional headshot, people will now be able to recognize and identify you.

Simply put, having a professional headshot session will continue to produce returns far in excess of the original investment.

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