Newborn and Family Portrait Sessions

Newborn and Family Portrait Sessions

Although the focus of an at-home newborn photo session will be on baby, I encourage you, your partner, and toddler or other child(ren) to join baby for a family and/or sibling portrait. This lifestyle family portrait captures dad, little brother and their newest addition at their home in Upper St Clair, Pittsburgh. This image captures a beautiful moment where little brother is gently touching baby, while dad protectively cradles baby on the sofa, watching carefully in case the touching gets a bit too inquisitive....

Undertaking the session in your own home often helps siblings to feel more comfortable, where they are familiar with the surroundings.

Some families choose to focus only on the baby and save the family portraits for another time–that is fine too! If you want to incorporate a family portrait session into your day, plan around 30 minutes for family portraits at the beginning or end of your session.

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