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First Time Expectant Couple - Outdoor Shoot

This beautiful young couple is expecting their first child. This young mother positively glows as she poses in her lovely ivory-colored crocheted dress. Dad is there also, wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans, with his hand supportively cradling the unborn child.

The setting is one of my outdoor locations that I have scouted around the Pittsburgh area over the years. Pittsburgh is exceptional in that it has just about every kind of location you could imagine year around--Fall leaves, Winter snow, Spring flowers, Summer sun. There are rivers, mountains, meadows, grasses--you name it, Pittsburgh has it. Pittsburgh also has multiple parks, historic buildings, and legacy architecture. I have used them all!

One of the most prominent features in this photograph is the setting sun. Deciding on the time of day for a shoot is a challenge all by itself, and in this case, we hit it just right! The glow of this young couple is intensified by the setting sun in the background, which really creates a focal point of light and radiance.

The tenderness of this young couple toward each other and their lovingly-anticipated baby come shining through in this shot.

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