Maternity Outdoor Photo Session by Missy Timko

Maternity Portrait in Green Meadow

This is one of my all-time favorite maternity images. This portrait of an expectant mother wearing an olive green dress and tan suede sunhat is set against a lush green meadow in the sunshine. This outdoor portrait is special because of the vivid colors, the pose of the mother, the striking wardrobe choices, and the expansive meadow in the background.

Although she's pregnant, there is a lightness to this mother, which adds to the anticipatory feeling about her impending delivery. Her happy expression adds to the joy of this photograph. You don't want to wait until the ninth month of your pregnancy to have your portrait taken; by that time, the infant has become heavy and the body is starting to prepare for childbirth. Have your portrait taken between the sixth and eighth months. This way, your pregnancy will show and yet you will still have a certain lightness that is not possible later.

I really do have an affinity for natural outdoor settings. These kinds of shots allow me to express my style in a way that highlights your family.

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