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Pittsburgh Maternity Photograph on Location in Pittsburgh

As a family photographer in Pittsburgh, I enjoy having the opportunity to capture that special time of anticipation while waiting for that first baby. Maternity photo shoots have a special place in my heart, and my job is to capture that special time of joy anticipation, and connection. This couple wanted to have an outdoor shot at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. Mom wears a simple black full-length dress, and proudly cradles her growing baby with her arm. Dad communicates his strength and support by holding on to her and kissing her gently. The joy and love of this couple waiting for baby to come has been captured forever.

How do we select an outdoor portrait setting? That depends on the type of session, how many people are in the shoot, and what feel you would like to have in your portraits. For families I like to shoot outside whenever possible! I have a list of favorite outdoor locations I like to shoot, so we will discuss before we pick a spot that works for the type of portrait you want to have in your home.

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