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Maternity Portrait with Floral Dress with Leaves

I love this picture because it is one of the most joyful maternity portraits I have had the privilege of shooting. This is the perfect moment during pregnancy to capture that special shot. You want the pregnancy to be visible, of course, but you don't want to wait until the very end of the pregnancy when Mom starts to feel lethargic, heavy and ready to deliver.

The Fall leaves date-stamp this photograph, as well as provide a golden backdrop against Mom's visit blue floral dress. The over-the-shoulder glance allows me to capture Mom's profile as well as her facial expression. Look at the joy on Mom's face as she anticipates this new phase in her life. This is the essence of maternity portraits.

Did you know that my Baby Plan includes a maternity portrait? It does! The Baby Plan is a very popular program that ensures you will document your baby's first year--including your pregnancy--in a unique way. During this time, you are so busy preparing for your baby and then caring for your baby. Plan ahead to ensure you will always have photographic keepsakes to remember this incredible start to your baby's life!

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