Sibling Family Portraits by Missy Timko Photography PA

Sibling Family Portrait

That special bond between sisters is captured in this delightful moment. Whether they are whispering, laughing, or just being together, these two clearly enjoy being close to each other. The floor is often a good place to start when thinking about how to pose these two very young little sweeties. Sometimes I arrange for the baby to be in the older sibling's arms, but this big sister was a little young to try that pose. Why not just let them roll around on the floor? In this case, it worked--along with my amazing funny sounds I make to get them to look at me with that great expression.

I love the wardrobe choices in this photograph. The theme is pink and gray, which is carried through from big sister's outfit to baby's. But each child has her own "look" and stands out on her own. Although there is a strong family resemblance--you can tell them are sisters--each little girl has her own expression and has her own way of interacting with me, the photographer.

This family chose the Baby Plan, which makes life easier when there are other children in the family. Also, I help busy families by hanging their portraits on the wall. I do it all!

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