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Casual Curly-Haired Girl Portrait

This is a very informal portrait, in contrast to the one just above. This curly-haired cutie is having fun in her play clothes. There's nothing formal here! This photograph is consistent with my style, which is clean, uncluttered and timeless.

Look what fun this five-year-old is having! Her portrait is light, sweet and fun. Her curls almost seem to float in the air, and her big round eyes are accented by her upward gaze. Her casual clothing say fun-loving, playful, non-traditional. You can tell she's laughing!

This is another portrait I chose to print in black and white. In this case, I thought the frame of the photograph called for a more casual lighting scheme, so I went with black and white. As always, this image is also available to the parents in color.

Before I was a photographer, I was a teacher. My favorite part of teaching was my relationship with the kids. I didn’t realize when I opened my photography studio in 2010 that I would enjoy this benefit as a photographer as well. Some of the kids I photograph have said “I love you Missy!” and their parents have told me that they look forward to seeing me, or they talk about me often… the kiddos consider me a friend, and that means the world to me!

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