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Baby Twins in the Studio

When are identical twins not identical? When they are wearing complementing but not matching outfits. While many families choose to dress their twins in matching outfits, this family had a different idea. These two cuties are dressed in different but similar outfits, and the effect is that you can focus on their individual personalities. The twin on the left--with the blue straps--is laughing and enjoying himself throughout the photo shoot. The twin on the right, on the other hand, is slightly less ebullient but is more observant and focused.

You can showcase identical twins without dressing them alike. These adorable outfits complement each other, but are not too matchy matchy. Individual personalities shine!

And what do you do when twin toddlers crawl away in two different directions? You give them a big block to climb on. The block becomes part of the portrait, while giving the twins something to focus on to keep them both in the frame. I have a million tricks!

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