Newborn Baby Portrait: Hogue/Fife Family

Welcome baby Oona Bloom!

newborn baby

I recently got a Lensbaby Composer Pro and was able to test it out on a family that has a gorgeous brand new baby.  I  love the dream-like quality of the group photo and how sweet they look together.  What I learned though is that f/4 on a Lensbaby is a little blurry if you’re trying to capture a toddler in action!  I had to switch lenses to get some good pics of this (almost) 3-year-old. He was looking my way and smiling non-stop… makes my job super easy!  So many great shots of him in action.  Also can you believe that at just under 3 years old he is already riding a bike?  Also above is a shot of newborn baby Oona, just 2 1/2 weeks old.  So perfect.


It was really fun shooting this family; I have another brand new baby to photograph on Monday!  Makes me realize how BIG Jonah is and how far I’ve come as a mom.  Love love love babies!!!