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Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer

One of the greatest pleasures of being a photographer is that you get to work with a diverse group of people from many walks of life. I have done a lot of maternity shots, and each one has its own uniqueness. This is one of my favorites.

The first thing you might notice--other than this is a maternity shot--is Mom's tattoos. Tattoos make a strong statement about a person's individuality, and can sometimes be associated with a certain edginess in the client's personality. But there is nothing hard edge about this charming portrait. Regardless of the personal style of the client, this is in its essence a soft portrait of mother, daughter and unborn baby. The contrast between hard and soft is what makes this portrait so personal, interesting and unique.

Mom wears a very casual outfit--white sleeveless tank and jeans--and the daughter wears a plain white shirt. These basic wardrobe choices are perfect for this portrait, and contrast beautifully with the vivid tattoo on Mom's arm. Notice the sweet expression on Mom's face while the daughter sweetly kisses her baby sibling. Soft and hard are coming together in a strong statement in this unique maternity portrait.

Clients come to me because of my unique style in photography, and because they want their unique personalities to shine through.

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