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Laughing Baby Girl Photograph

One of the secrets to my success as a photographer is that I can make babies laugh, and here's the proof. Capturing a delightful expression like this one is what photographers of children dream of.

The style of this photo is playful, happy, joyous. When your subject is this adorable, it's hard to go wrong.

But we all know that babies can be unpredictable. A good baby photographer is prepared for when baby is fussy, fretful and generally not having it! There are things that parents can do to prepare for a shoot and that helps. I'm always prepared for anything and usually can salvage a grumpy situation without much fuss.

I love this "heirloom" style of little girls' dresses. The style of this pink and white dress is timeless and could have been worn by this baby's mother and grandmother. The little bracelet and the bow make it unique to this little lady.

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