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Baby and Toddler Lying on the Bed Photograph

How happy is this little guy just to lie in his big brother's arms? You can definitely feel the affection between these two. One feels proud and happy; the other feels cuddled and secure. Thirty years from now, these brothers will think back on this moment, the day they realized that a truly lifelong bond was being formed, and that they were brothers for life.

These boys are cute as pie dressed in beiges and browns. And notice the beautiful beige pillow on the bed! It's amazing how much a little texture can add to the earthy feeling of the natural tones that all of the elements of this photograph provide.

My goal is to create a fun and happy environment for your child so that we will get genuine expressions and happy faces. Please explain that they are going to have a fun day with the family and that I will be joining you to take pictures of all the fun. I encourage you to avoid bribes or threats because this may take away from the concept that the session itself is a treat! Please bring anything that is entertaining to your child and for older babies or young toddlers.

The FAQs on my website provide abundant information about how to get your children ready for an amazing photo shoot experience.

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