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Portrait of Siblings in Pittsburgh PA

I have two brothers, so I know that the bond between siblings is complex and special. Capturing that relationship is sometimes difficult, but always rewarding. Older siblings especially, such as this young lady, can be reticent to show outward affection for siblings in portrait shoots. So, as a photographer, the task becomes looking beyond the surface and persuading siblings to dig a little deeper and find that deep love for that little brother, who can be so annoying sometimes!

This big sister loves her little brother and shows it in a typical big-sister way--subtly, with a soft touch and a bemused face. Little brother, on the other hand, worships his big sister and has no difficulty showing it openly.

I particularly love the colors and textures of this shot. Big sister's brown and white polka dot dress blends well with little brother's textured beige sweater. And that bow in her hair is everything! This on location shot adds color and interest to this lovely and authentic portrait.

I just recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary shooting portraits in and around Pittsburgh! Here's more about me.

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