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Riverfront Couple Portrait, Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh has 446 bridges, more than any other city in the US, and sits on the intersection of three rivers. While some may not think of Pittsburgh as a seafaring town, it is the home of quite an active water sports and boating lifestyle. Many Pittsburgh residents love living by the water and wish to have their portraits taken in a riverfront setting.

This casual riverfront setting, along with the couple's spontaneous loving interaction, give this portrait its delightful essence. Even though this was a portrait booking, this couple looks like they are having a day on the water, complete with picnic, boat ride, and lots of affection. (What is she whispering in his ear that makes him smile so?)

I love her bright yellow pop of color beside his neutrals and the nautical shades of blue in the background. These colors give the photograph a real joy and happy, vibrant feeling. They are having a great day!

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