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Newborn Baby Photographer in Pittsburgh PA

This newborn baby is the picture of serenity in his mother's arms, with his adorable sweater on. He is happy to pose in his blue baby sweater, which contrasts nicely with the exaggerated beige knit motif in the background. I love the neutrals in this photograph, with nothing to detract from baby's personality. Pastels--pinks, light blue and yellow--may not always be the best choices for newborn portraits; earth tones can often work well.

Newborns aren't always this quiet and serene, so I have many tricks up my sleeve that allow me to capture the perfect expression on your baby's face. I usually like to take newborn portraits between two and six weeks of age, just about the time their little personalities begin to emerge. Try to make sure your newborn is fed and rested before the appointment, although I know from experience that this may be easier said than done!

My goal is to create a fun and happy environment for your child so that we will get genuine expressions and happy faces. Although babies can be unpredictable, there are always things that can be done to ensure that the shoot goes smoothly.

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